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With millions of offers, thousands of small to large companies, and even more starting up every day, finding the right company to work for is a time-consuming task these days.

Read reviews

Read online reviews about companies before applying for a job. If possible, talk to people who have worked at the company. Ask them what their experience was like. Look at how many people they hired and how long they were employed. You want to ensure they are hiring enough employees and not just using temporary workers.

Check references

Check out the references provided by the company. Ensure they are legitimate and that the person providing them works at the same company. Also, check if the reference has been updated recently.


Ask questions about the position during the interview. Find out if the company offers training programs and if they offer any incentives for good performance.


Look at the pay offered by the company. Are they offering competitive wages? Do they provide benefits?


Look at the culture of the company. Does the company seem professional? Is it fun to work there?

Ask agency

Ask an agency like Ninja Hunters to briefly describe what it is like to work at the company you are planning to join. What are the culture, management style, career planning, and other questions that will help you decide whether it is the right company to work for?

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